Presentation of keys of fare OPH and good materials

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Source: Government of French Polynesia

The minister of Housing and chairman of the Board of directors of the OPH (Office of polynesian housing), Jean-Christophe Bouissou, and the general director of the OPH, Moana Blanchard, were conducted Friday morning, at the headquarters of the Office of polynesian housing, to the delivery of 85 good aid materials to families of the municipalities of faa’a, Hitia’, Mahina, Paea, Papeete, Pirae, Punaauia, Mahaena, Tiarei, and Moorea.

The delivery of 107 good aid materials has continued to the agency of Taravao to the families of the common Papara Mataiea, Papeari, Taiarapu-est and Taiarapu-West. The set of these 192 good aid materials is an amount of assistance total of 153 600 000 Fcfp.

On this occasion, and 4 families residing in Afaahiti and Mataiea have received the keys to their fare OPH. For the benefit of their fare, these families have set an average attendance of 284 000 Fcfp calculated according to the income of households and the number of dependents. The total amount of the grant that has been provided amounted to approximately 38 million Fcfp. The waiting time for these families, since the opinion of the commission, aid allocation, was 12 to 14 months.

This device helps in dispersed habitat, provided for by a decision of December 1999, is a response to the need for legitimate home buyers and parents of families of Tahiti and her islands, which also helps to fight inequalities and contribute to the access to decent housing.

The objective of the programs AAHI is to renovate the individual homes in all the islands of French Polynesia, through the realization of works intended to improve the safety of housing, including by increasing their safety, their strength and their water resistance, and ensuring the comfort of its inhabitants.

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