Dr. Roy Kuehne: We do not want to Overload the nurses in Germany

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Madam President, It has already tried that once, someone in the German Bundestag, to sing. That was very entertaining.

(Laughter and applause from deputies of the CDU/CSU and the FDP – have a Laugh at members of the SPD, Dr. Karl Lauterbach [SPD] For the thing!)

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Dear Madam President, first of all, thank you for the many congratulations of the house. It is, of course, for me a honor to speak to you on my birthday today about a topic that, I believe, many of the moves in Germany at the moment. Young people are at an advantage

I am our Minister is very grateful that he has taken up the issue really progressive in a good pace. Certainly – that is the point that we can talk in politics, I think, undeniable, that everything is always somewhere in the end better feasible. But I think also in this house – at least as long as I occupy myself with politics, no perfect solution has been found. In this respect, I think that the Minister deserves our thanks.

We need to look at how we can expand this further. It is aware been said: It is the first step. We have advised in the coalition, and we know that currently there are 3.3 million people are daily in need of care. But we are talking not only about nursing, but we are talking about a very important goal we want to accomplish, basically, with care: it is part of you, ladies and gentlemen. Anyone who has cared for how I his father with love at home, know what it means when a person smiles because he is clean because he is dry, and because someone is busy with him. Again: There is, I think more, in this Moment, nothing of value. Also, many nurses say: The Smile of this patient, the warm Hands are a very important point in the field of nursing. I think what I brought in these two layers is only indicated features, is unfortunately gone in the last few years, lost. Therefore, we are working to get time, empathy for the profession and Motivation in young people, or newcomers, or, as the Minister has said, in the case of returnees.

We want to not Overload the nurses in Germany. We know exactly how this ends. We have the highest Drop-out Rate in this profession

Ladies and gentlemen, we now have the ability to do something. We have taken the first step. Let us continue to work, that we bring the Whole good progress. There is a wide variety of points were raised, which have led to the Situation there is so

Let’s talk about refinancing

Another point that is discussed in many areas of long, is the occupational health management

It is the training and examination regulation referred to. Yes, the first words are in it, which I think is good. Are the words “diagnosis” and “assessment”. Because one is in this profession are also important: respect for responsibility. We are in an area where we say: ‘nurse, please do your Job. – We continue through these first steps, also in the field of training and examination regulation, Mr. Minister, clearly the Signal is that We want the responsibility of them. I think we can pick up the nursing staff in the future as well. Because one thing is for sure: 2035, 2045 we will not have the doctors to cover in Germany, which we have now. We have to look so international, and see what happens, how the other States do.

I’m eleven seconds over the allotted time.

Vice-President Claudia Roth:

Is okay.

Dr. Roy Kühne (CDU / CSU):

Thank you.

(Kersten Steinke [LEFT]: birthday bonus!)

– No.

Vice-President Claudia Roth:

You are allowed to talk today a little bit longer.

Dr. Roy Kühne (CDU / CSU):

The cost is only a round for my own group.

Vice-President Claudia Roth:

No, that is not charged.

Dr. Roy Kühne (CDU / CSU):

Long story short – this is the conclusion: The way we are going now, are good. Paths are sometimes different, and we need to look at what sets these products still. Again: politics is a learning process. I think we should align ourselves. Therefore, I am also very happy about what was said by Mr. Lauterbach: We need to look at what we get in the future, to influence, and then we can adjust. But no one is doing it now including a line and says: So it is, and so it remains.

Thank you for your attention.

(Applause from the CDU/CSU as well as from members of the SPD)


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