Halvers column: “The Grand coalition can be lucky not to be listed on the stock exchange”

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Source: Boerse Frankfurt28. September 2018. MUNICH (Baader Bank). In Germany, a grand coalition of two people's parties should be there to move things that a small coalition can not trust. For those who embark on major reforms that cause pain before they take effect offer a welcome attack to the opposition People's Party. The reform policy of Red-Green under Chancellor Schröder is a good example of this. On the other hand, if both people's parties are in the same boat, they will not compete with each other. Given the lack of political competition, a GroKo should only be an exception, not a permanent state, so that political borders would not receive much support. So far the theory. However, the German political practice looks different. The Groko has become the standard. Of course, one could never speak of wishful thinking closed in heaven. But under the aegis of Angela Merkel there is already the third. The current emergency alliance was no alternative, because a Jamaican alliance failed because of better not to govern than to govern incorrectly. Politics is not a soft white, but hard brown bread, which is hard to chew. Those who fight politically for their content can lose, but those who do not fight have already lost. And are we being properly governed right now? Germany seems to be an island of bliss, otherwise the federal government would not be so much concerned with a fourth-level staffing. The basic problem of this GroKo is that it wants to connect as little as oil and water. Two blacks are not green. The deselection of the Merkelian Volker Kauder as chairman of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group is certainly not a harmonious element. And the SPD remains an insecure cantonist who does not know if he wants to be coalition loyal or willing to go. In Berlin there is an irritable mood, as on the Bounty shortly before the mutiny. In difficult times, Adenauer, Schmidt, Kohl and Schröder have shown much courage not only for Germany but also for Europe, without the power of a Grand Coalition, by the way. By contrast, today's government just seems to be trying to make ends meet somehow.

Unfortunately, this Federal-Burnout comes at an inopportune time. Right now the Happy Hour of world politics is over. We are not surrounded only by friends. Folks like Trump, Putin, Xi Jinping or Erdogan to maintain a heart of government style, try to reißen the geopolitical rowing more and more and take advantage of the German Regierungsschwäche mercilessly. Particularly painful to American alienation from the old continent, the¤sst, as Entenküken, whose mother squares¶in the EU States äsimilar to disoriented zurücklà addition to the self-realization of the strip. But if the Grand coalition, Germany may not, as Germany is supposed to be a driving force in the EU? And how to be the EU “weltpolitikfähig”?

“Right now the Happy Hour in the world is over politics”

 The people in the mouth, but not to the mouth of the fires are now talking to uchte look at the Wide coalition urgently, to do Large, hot iron. Today, however, lähmt each other, and making quite a handlungsunfähig. But you don’t want to risk any separation, so as not to lose in new elections, many WOULD be counter to Green, the Left and the AfD and not the amenities of the governance.The the Austria of the German policy: The länger GroKos in Power and the less you move, the smaller you are favored. As for the conservation of the castle, peace will not be managed especially the Hände with the design of a policy dirty, it behaves morally and politically correct and complains About today’s populism, to do as all the favor and brüskieren anyone. But is that not also a Form of populism?And actually, given the ungelömost of the problems in housing, education, pensions and care, but also by the denial of the polluter-pays principle in the case of diesel cars, the Grand coalition has in the polls is no longer a majority. Can Any of people parties talk? The path of least resistance doesn’t pay off in the end.With the German prosperity, it plays just like with the food, unfortunately, such a policy is not a good gedüngter Näbreeding ground for for urgently required reforms. Out and endure as it is. Although it is currently economically comparatively well. Germany is sitting on a high Branch. But the higher you sit, the deeper you can fall.

” Hold out you bear is too little.”


Thus, Germany will eventually be a large industrial Museum, must urge the government actions in the future issues show, us other locations such as the drain in the USA. Expansion of broadband and digitization Over the 5G network n̦are in urgent need of tig. For our industry Рand technology location is the Best just good enough. Everything else is political cowardice in the face of the economic enemy. The ideological innovation alarm is no L̦sung.

“The ideological innovation of alarm is not a solution..”

 must At the same time, due to the bubbling state the taxes revenues will be reduced. A tax reform in the United States, which makes a High – to a low-tax country, provides zügig for competitiveness and more purchasing power. Unfortunately, one searches in the Bavarian and Hessian state election battle in vain-election posters, which said: We want back our money!WHILE the Grand coalition re börsennotiertes company, but it is weighted brutal. Strong sell!29. September 2018 © AssenagonÃœber the author Robert Halver, head of capital market analysis at Baader Bank, and Halvers of the week part of the weekly capital markets monitor.This article gives the views of the author, not those of the editors of boerse-frankfurt.de. Its content is the sole responsibility of the author.


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