On the proposal of the Prosecutor's Office of Chechnya for the distortion of data in the field of criminal and legal statistics, 10 officials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Chechen Republic were brought to disciplinary responsibility

MIL OSI Translation. Region: Russia –

Source: Russia – Prosecutor Generals Office

The prosecutor's office of the Chechen Republic carried out an inspection of compliance with the legislation on official statistical accounting and the state statistics system in the activities of inquiry bodies of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. The facts of distortion of information about crimes of economic orientation, committing criminal offenses in public places, including on the streets, as well as by persons who have previously committed them and previously convicted are revealed. in order to eliminate violations of the law, their causes and conditions that are facilitated by them, the republic’s prosecutor’s office has submitted a submission to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Chechen Republic. response was considered and satisfied in full, 10 officers were brought to disciplinary responsibility.


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