Nikolas Löbel: The Turkey is an important NATO Partner

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Madam President, Ladies and gentlemen, The Best thing about these applications is exactly this debate. It is good and right that the German Bundestag has in the run-up to the Berlin visit of the Turkish President of Turkey, and its negative developments. Policy sometimes requires diplomatic words, sometimes more words. The role distribution is sometimes defined in advance. I think the Federal government has found in the last few years, since the coup attempt in Turkey is always at the right time and the right words. We, too, as the German Parliament, to find the right words today. If the Turkish President is coming to Berlin, then he will be welcomed like any other guest, welcome

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I’ll tell you my very personal, my honest opinion. I think it is not right for every guest roll out the red carpet and get the good silverware out of the closet. There are guests who can interpret this gesture of pure courtesy incorrectly. President Erdogan could understand this gesture of pure courtesy, as a sign of a Turkish triumph, and that can’t happen. Nevertheless, it is the decision of the President, and we have to accept that.

But as a member of the German Bundestag, I wonder, that President Erdogan is saying today in a commentary in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” recommendations on how we could earn the good pleasure of the Turkish people. With all due respect, but as a member of the German Bundestag and as a citizen of this country I have a clear expectation of the Turkish President. If President Erdogan is running tomorrow on the red carpet, then he falls on the ground of democracy, the rule of law and freedom of expression. These values are not covered by the red carpet, or even hidden, but to be stressed by him. People who walk on this carpet, we require values for a clear commitment to these basic, without If and But, dear Mr President.

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We: Turkey is and remains a strategically important Partner. Turkey is an important NATO Partner. Turkey was and is also a favorite destination of many German tourists. Turkey is also home to about 3.5 million Turks living in Germany. Therefore, is and must be the development of the Turkey for domestic political reasons, no matter. It is also does not matter. That is why we emphasize principles that apply to us and which should apply in a partnership: democracy, the rule of law, freedom of expression, freedom of the press and the equality of man and woman. The values for the German non-negotiable. When the Turkey is out of the way of these values is moved away, then we as a friend must, as a Partner and as Germany is the urge, again and again. Exactly does the Federal government, I think, in the due level, as it should be. Criticism not only carries the media. Criticism has been best in a personal conversation. That is why it is good that the German and the Turkish government are talking with each other. This also includes the state visit of President Erdogan in the next few days.

We Turkey need to actually just their economic Situation. Turkey is, economically seen, the water up to the neck. The economic development of Turkey is directly linked to the political changes in the country. Democracy and the rule of law, there is no guarantee for economic prosperity, but still the best way to ensure prosperity for all. 60 percent of the economy of Turkey are subject to the European Union. Therefore, the European Union has, therefore, Germany has a fundamental interest that the Turkey of the European community of values has turned for good. But this is due solely to Turkey.

A colleague of the Green has already pointed out that President Erdogan has been released on the way to us the App, which facilitates the Refund of View. You must be the once on the tongue: Using a Smartphone App, a critic of the Turkish government with the Central authority of the Turkish police can be EMG displayed around the world. The App was designed to make it easier to View. Now you can upload supposed traitors to the Fatherland simply and free of charge charges, as well as data and images. The Accused gets nothing at all. Only on his arrival in Turkey, he is informed about a running process.

Ladies and gentlemen, who takes the idea of the rule of law with the feet and the Whole thing is digitized, instead of reforming it, doesn’t need to be surprised that he comes out on the first Chapter of the EU accession negotiations, and that he is not a part of the European community of values.

Thank you for the attention.

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